Spectrapak 315


Produktnummer: 739490

Spectrapak™ 315 – Low Pressure Boiler Water Test Kit, Controlling key parameters is important to maintain control of boiler system water quality for protection against corrosion and scale formation. Please note that oxygen scavenger testing is provided separately (Spectrapak™ 312 for Hydrazine. Spectrapak™ 313 for DEHA and Sulphite test kit for Sulphite).

Compact test kit designs to encourage daily testing to maintain your boiler water within the desired level of quality.

Test Parameters: P Alkalinity, Chloride and pH

Supplied with Instruction Sheet, 1 x Comparator, 2 x 10ml Moulded Cells, 1 x 50ml Beaker, 1 x Plastic Funnel, 1 x Stirring Rod, 1 x 250ml Glass Bottle, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x Box Filter Papers 9cm, 1 x Measuring Scoop, 1 x pH Test Papers 7.5 to 14 pk.100, 1 x pH Test Papers 6.5 to 10 pk.100, 1 x pH Reagent 80g, 2 x P Alkalinity Test Tablets btl.250, 1 x Chloride Test Tablets btl. 250.


  • Sturdy plastic case
  • Simple to use tests
  • Test methods included


  • Helps to protect your boiler system against the damaging efects of corrosion and scele formation