Produktnummer: 726050
25 LTR

Unitor™ Cleanphase CB™ is a low toxic, highly effective degreaser for removing oil, wax, sludge and mud.

Product information

Unitor™ Cleanphase CB™ is based on a low toxic solvent and emulsifier that easily split after settling. The product is ideal for cleaning especially tough contamination from drilling, well operations and other activities leaving hydrocarbon-based residues.


  • Highly effective heavy duty cleaner
  • Low toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Contains no nonyl phenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds


  • Rapid penetration
  • Removes heavy contaminates of oil, sludge, mud, wax, grease, etc.
  • Splitting of residue allows safe disposal



Unitor™ Cleanphase CB™ is HOCNF approved.

Directions for use

Unitor™ Cleanphase CB™ is designed with a solvent system to dissolve hydrocarbons and surfactants to emulsify grease while removing with water. The surfactant will hold the hydrocarbons emulsified in water till the mixture settles. During settling, the emulsion will break allowing oil and grease to be re-injected or transferred to the oil processing system. Other contaminants will be removed mechanically when washed with the hydrocarbons and can be removed after settling.

Unitor™ Cleanphase CB™ can be used on contaminated deck, walls, tanks, equipment, etc.

Dosage: No dilution needed. Use neat.

Unitor™ Cleanphase CB™ is applied directly on the contaminated surface that is to be cleaned.

Use brush, spray or immersion to cover the contaminated area. Leave Unitor™ Cleanphase CB™ on the contaminated area to ensure good penetration. The time for this reaction will vary depending on several factors, such as the material itself and its consistency, thickness, temperature and mechanical action provided.

Typical residence time can be 30 – 60 minutes. Mechanical actions like brushing will help decreasing the residence time. If possible remove residues with hot water and Unitor™ high pressure cleaner.