Produktnummer: 778514

The acid test kit is the fastest and easiest way of checking for acid in the refrigeration compressor oil. The QwikCheck® indicator paper will change from golden yellow to pink or red when being exposed to as little as 1 part per million (PPM) of acid. It is ideal for preventative maintenance checks or for verifying proper acid clean-up after a compressor burn-out / change-out. The product replaces previous test kits.

Product information

This product supersedes product no: 540088, AND, 607828


1. Insert the valve core depressor into the center of the suction side of the vapor service valve while the system is operating.

2. Allow vapor to flow through the QwikCheck(r) for 2-seconds. If the indicator paper does not change color, hold for another 2-seconds. If the indicator paper still does not change color, inorganic acid was not detected.


  • 2 seconds refrigeration acid test
  • Color change indicate Pass/Fail
  • Test to the AHRI-700 limit of 1ppm
  • Work with all refrigerants and oils


  • Fast, Accurate, and Easy to use