Produktnummer: 233601

Best choice and top quality Silver Brazing rod for shipboard welding. Flux coated silver brazing rod for wide range of base metals including Yorcalbro pipes and Cunifer type 90/10 and 70/30 pipes.

Product information

Flux-coated 55% silver rod for all purpose capillary brazing. AG-60 is cadmium-free and may be used also where the joint is in direct contact with drinking water, foodstuffs etc. High corrosion resistance, high electric conductivity, high tensile strength.

Use with Albro flux 263 PF for Yorcalbro piping, and AG-60/45 flux – 252 PF for other applications.


  • Unique chemistry give high strength
  • Cadmium free and Boric Acid free
  • Low melting point
  • Seawater resistant


  • Less possibility for joint to fail during operation
  • Safe to use, compliance with EU REACH and EU CLP regulations on boric acid
  • Job is done faster
  • Joint will not corrode away