Ballast tank inhibitor


Produktnummer: 777013
25 kg

NALFLEET™ Ballast Tank Inhibitor 9-933™ is a liquid film-forming corrosion inhibitor. For use in ballast tanks, bilges, voids, cofferdams and barges. NALFLEET™ Ballast Tank Inhibitor 9-933™ is a blend of organic and inorganic inhibitors. It contains no chromates and is completely soluble in sea water.

Product information


  • Effective for use in ballast tanks, cofferdams, barges and voids
  • Forms tightly bonded protective film on all metal surfaces below water level
  • Protective film is stable over a wide pH and temperature range


  • Formulated to give reduced pollution problems if accidentally discharged to sea
  • Ideally suited for ballast and other tank protection during ship lay-up periods


Directions for use

NALFLEET™ Ballast Tank Inhibitor 9-933 is best fed neat from the drum continuously to the water used to fill the tank or system. Strict proportioning is not required, so long as the turbulence on filling is sufficient to provide effective distribution throughout the system.
Where the system to be treated is already full and draining and refilling is impractical, distribution of the Ballast Tank Inhibitor 9-933 treatment in an open vessel can be achieved by air-agitation or pump circulation. NALFLEET™ Ballast Tank Inhibitor 9-933 is recommended for systems in which dissolved oxygen is present and the use of air to encourage mixing will not impair corrosion protection.

Dosing an Control
The recommended initial dosage of NALFLEET™ Ballast Tank Inhibitor 9-933 is 100mls.ton of water. This will provide 2 to 4ppm zinc in the water system. For Ballast tanks or systems which are frequently emptied and refilled, the initial charge of 100ml per ton of water should be supplemented by a dosage of 50ml per ton each time the system is refilled.

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