Bioguard plus


Produktnummer: 778918
25 LTR

NALFLEET™ Bioguard Plus™ is an effective anti-foulant and corrosion inhibitor for use in sea water systems.

Bioguard Plus has been specially developed to prevent sea water (cooling) systems from being fouled by aquatic life forms such as mussels, barnacles and algae.

Because of its filming properties, the product also acts as a corrosion inhibitor and can be used in sea water cooling systems, intakes, filter boxes, static ballast tanks, stability trimming tanks and oil rig sea legs.


NALFLEET™ Bioguard Plus™ is not compatible with Bioguard™ or Antifoulant 9-321™. Holding tanks and dosing line must be flushed and cleaned with fresh water before commencing the application of NALFLEET™ Bioguard Plus™.


  • Liquid treatment which is easy to use
  • Extremely effective in the control of sea water fouling organisms
  • Maintains heat transfer in systems and extends the periods between cleaning
  • Biodegradable
  • Suitable for all types of systems using sea water, both static and flowing


  • Multi-system use
  • Many applications covered by one product
  • Reduces maintenance and down time
  • Economic in use