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Unitor™ DieselPower™ Mar 71 is a specially designed liquid biocide against micro organisms contaminating fuel storage tanks and systems.

It’s essential to have adequate storage for marine fuel. But microorganisms can corrode fuel storage tanks and systems, leading to clogged filters and nozzles, and degraded fuel. Unitor DieselPower MAR 71 is a specially designed liquid that protects fuel against micoorganisms. More advice on how to detect and manage microbial contamination can be found in ASTM D6469-14 Standard guide for Microbial contamination in fuels and fuel systems.


  • Kills micro organisms in fuel oil
  • Keeps filters and nozzles free from clogging
  • Prevents corrosion in fuel systems and doesn’t form any corrosive combustion products
  • Safe for use on all materials, including metal and synthetic rubber


  • You can be sure that Unitor DieselPower MAR 71 will kill all microorganisms
  • There have been no reported cases of bacteria becoming immune to this liquid
  • With filters and nozzles clean and free from bacteria remnants, you can run a trouble free operation




Directions for use

Marine Diesel Oil and Gas Oil

DieselPower MAR 71 is self dispersing and can therefore be added directly to the fuel tank.

The recommended dosage rates are:

Preventive treatment: 0.20 litres/ton continuously (meaning that all new oil charged to the fuel tank is treated with 0.20 litres/ton) or
0.6 litres/ton in periodic dosing to the tank every 2 months, independent of how much fuel that has passed through the tank.

Decontamination of contaminated oil: 0.8 litres/ton

Shock dosing: 3 litres/ton (biomass can be seen, filter blockage)

The tank or system layout to treat has an impact on how fast the kill rate is, for Shock treatment we recommend at least 24 hrs treatment time.

The best ways to provide good distribution of the biocide in the fuel is:

  • By pumping the fuel with DieselPower MAR 71 from one tank to another (and back).
  • By adding DieselPower MAR 71 when the tank is one third full and then fill up the tank with fuel. This creates turbulence in the tank and also provides good mixing of the biocide.
  • By pre-diluting DieselPower MAR 71 in fuel and then add it to the tank. (Not very practical when larger tanks has to be treated. Also concerns with safety of workers when manually handling the fuel)