Engine Water Treatment 9-108



NALFLEET™ Engine Water Treatment 9-108™ is a balanced mixture of corrosion inhibitors, formulated to give a high nitrite furnish which is becoming a more frequent requirement for the new generation of high efficiency diesel engines.

Use Motor Ship Test Kit 777066 to test and control Nitrite, Chloride and P Alkalinity of your engine cooling water.


  • Contains dispersant for cleaner and more efficient cooling systems
  • Does not affect gaskets or hoses
  • Compatible with glycols for frost protection.


  • Approved by major diesel engine manufacturers
  • Simple control test



  • Approved by all major engine manufacturers
  • Approved by the UK Dept. of Transport for use in diesel cooling systems where heat from the cooling water is used for distilling sea water for domestic purposes in evaporators on board
  • Gold approval by CEFAS for use in the UK and Netherlands offshore petroleum industries.

Directions for use

NALFLEET™ Engine Water Treatment 9-108 is effective in hot and cold water and it is compatible with Glycol when used with anti-freeze. It contains an anti-scalant to minimise scale formation on heat transfer surfaces. It will protect all metals commonly found in engine cooling water systems including cast iron, mild steel, copper, copper alloys, lead and solder.

For general guidance where aluminium is present:

No aluminium present – Use Engine Water Treatment 9-108 or Rocor NB Liquid

<10% Aluminium – Use NALFLEET 2000 or Cooltreat AL

>10% Aluminium – Use Cooltreat AL

Dosing Method

Before start up of treatment the system should be flushed to remove all sludge and particulate matter and where necessary cleaned with an oil remover, such as UNITOR™ Commissioning Cleaner 624932 to remove oil and grease deposits.

NALFLEET™ Engine Water Treatment 9-108 should be dosed directly to the cooling system.

Sampling and Testing

The WSS Test Kit provides the necessary equipment to carry out the control tests. Obtain a representative sample of the cooling water. Carry out the tests immediately after sampling (following the instructions given in the Test Kit) and log the results in Waterproof. The results should be sent to WSS as stated in the Waterproof instructions. It is important that testing is carried out at least once per week, to ensure levels of treatment are correct.

Dosing and Control

Dosing should be carried out at the rate of 2.25 liters per ton of water to give the correct product reserve. It is recommended that NALFLEET™ EWT 9-108 is controlled at 700 to 1000ppm Nitrite (1000 to 1500ppm Sodium Nitrite). Control by a simple test for nitrite and pH. Refer to table below for dosing guide.

Nitrite ppm






Sodium Nitrite ppm






EWT 9-108 ltr/m3