25 LTR

Unitor™ FuelPower™ AshFree is especially formulated to protect against the build up of deposits on sensitive engine parts. The product also ensure good combustion to avoid additional build up of insulating soot deposits.

Product information

This product supersedes product no: 767112

Unitor FuelPower AshFree physically modifies fuel ash, raising the sinter and melting points of the ash above the normal engine operating temperatures. Modified ash particles are solid, small and non-adhesive and are ejected with the exhaust gas stream. Valve seating remain intact as ash deposits on valve seats are reduced. Guttering is minimised and valve cone and seat lives are extended, allowing for greater time between overhauls. Turbocharger and exhaust system fouling is controlled as the ash particles in the gas stream are less adhesive. Exhaust systems remain cleaner and any ash that is formed is friable and easily removed by conventional methods such as brushing.

Another advantage found with Unitor FuelPower AshFree is acid reduction. Vanadium in the fuel has a catalytic action, increasing the conversion from sulphur dioxide to sulphur trioxide during combustion. The sulphur trioxide then reacts with steam in the exhaust system, increasing the dew point to form sulphuric acid. Unitor FuelPower AshFree keeps the complex vanadium and sodium ash compounds in a solid, non-molten state, inhibiting fused salt corrosion.

The combustion catalyst improves combustion by reducing the energy needed to oxidise the soot, resulting in increased combustion efficiency with less carbon left to form smoke and soot. Engine and exhaust systems are kept cleaner with longer service life and less maintenance.


  • Raises the melting point of corrosive ashes
  • Reduces the high temperature corrosion on sensitive surfaces
  • Keeps exhaust valves and turbochargers clean


  • You can rely on Unitor FuelPower AshFree to keep your sensitive engine parts free from corrosive deposits
  • Reduction of deposits and corrosion ensures your engine operates more efficiently