Produktnummer: 233064

Central distribution installation for single acetylene and oxygen cylinders.

Product information

GDS Gas Central installation complete set for 1 Acetylene + 1 Oxygen cylinder system


  • Includes all items necessary for the gas central room, including signs, racks, equipment and brackets to be screwed or welded to deck and bulkhead
  • Included are also pre-welded unions to be welded to the distribution pipes, and brazed to the evacuation pipes from the regulator safety valves
  • Gas cylinders, cylinder trolley, clamps, bushings and outlet stations should be ordered separately in necessary quantities
  • If the central is to be placed in two separate rooms, one each for Acetylene and Oxygen respectively, one each of signs product no. 183202, 526566 and 526558 are needed


  • Increases safety
  • Cylinders are less subject to physical damage
  • Location of cylinders is known to everyone onboard
  • Cylinders can easily be removed in case of fire onboard
  • No cylinder transport to the worksite needed