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MAXIGARD diesel engine water treatment is a nitrite-based, liquid, multi-functional treatment designed to prevent corro- sion and mineral scale in recirculating cooling water systems for medium- and high-speed marine diesel engines.

MAXIGARD treatment is colored for ease of visibility. It is suitable for treating chilled water and many other recirculat- ing systems.

MAXIGARD treatment is approved by many engine manu- facturers. Listed here are the manufacturers and government agencies that approve or see no objection to the use of MAXIGARD treatment.

MAXIGARD diesel engine water treatment has received approval from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and has been assigned NATO number 6850219201144.

• Multi-component inhibitor
• Contains a scale modifier
• Buffered
• Liquid

• Protects against variable metal corrosion
• Reduces corrosion due to cavitation
• Maintains heat transfer effectiveness
• Helps prevent overheating caused by sludge and mineral scale deposits
• Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs
• Stabilizes cooling water pH
• Easy to dose
• Cost effective