Produktnummer: 635326
25 LTR

Unitor™ Mud & Silt Remover™ is a liquid organic polyelectrolyte that is formulated to break up the adhering force of mud and silt, it prevents heavy sediment accumulation from ballast tanks.

Product information

The loading of ballast water over time results in the deposition of mud, silt and sediment in the ballast tanks. If this is not dealt with on a regular basis, a «permanent ballast» may accumulate, causing problems when emptying the tank and contamination of the ballast water. Unitor™ Mud & Silt Remover™ removes silt and mud from ballast tanks by attracting particles together and making them more flowing and prevents build-up of hard packed layers in tanks. A loose deposit is formed, which can be more easily removed during deep water ballast exchange.

The buildup of sediments in ballast water tanks will also create breeding grounds for micro and macro organisms and shield them from transfer through installed Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS). Sudden dislodgement of such sediments can reduce the performance of Chlorination and UV treatment and risk exceedance of D2 quality standards.

Regulators of Ballast Water Management Convention (BWM 2004) strongly recommend that removing sediment from ballast water tanks and routine cleaning is one of the key strategies for reducing the risk of the spread of Alien Invasive Species (AIS) through ballast water transfer. Routine cleaning of ballast water tanks and removal of sediment in mid-ocean or at specific facilities provided in port will reduce the number of organisms that are transported and discharged and help ballast water treatment systems to meet IMO D2 performance standards.


  • No acids, alkali or solvent
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-pollutant
  • Effective at low concentration
  • Bind and loosen mud and silt sedimentation to form free flowing flocs for easy removal of sedimentation in Ballast Tanks


  • Highly economical in use
  • Prevents retention and build-up of invasive species
  • Maximises cargo capacity
  • Safes time and labour cost
  • Helps to comply with BWM 2004 standards
  • Improve the effect on your BWTS



Directions for use

Unitor™ Mud & Silt Remover should be injected in small quantities into the ballast water during the ballasting operation to help mix the product with the ballast water. Heavy deposits may require several treatments.

Dosing methods

Heavy Accumulations

To clean heavy accumulations of silt and sediment add 10 lit Unitor™ Mud & Silt Remover per 100 tons of ballast water. Add Mud & Silt Remover gradually whilst filling the ballast tank to ensure thorough mixing with the ballast water and utilize the rolling movements of the vessel for agitation. Allow a 24hr contact time to enable the product to loosen and lift sediments into suspension. Then exchange ballast with fresh sea water to flush out suspended mud and silt. The ballast exchange should be carried out according to IMO and local regulations or specific port sediment collection facilities.

Note: Heavy deposits may require several treatments or a combination of chemical and physical cleaning such as scraping and high pressure washing if access can be gained to the ballast tanks. We recommend the use of Unitor™ cleaning equipment, see accessories.

Maintenance treatment

Apply Unitor™ Mud and Silt Remover each time tanks are ballasted at a maintenance dosage of 2.5 lit/100 tons of ballast water. This will maintain sediments free flowing and easier to filter and remove.

Safety Precautions
Please ensure that all confined space entry procedures are implemented when entering ballast tanks and that correct PPE is worn by ships staff. Spillages of Unitor™ Mud & Silt Remover should be avoided, as floors, decks, etc. will become very slippery. Clean as soon as possible.