Produktnummer: 778914

Unitor oil spill kits are designed as a marine oil spill response measure to be deployed easily and effectively. They must be used in conjunction with the vessel’s response plan as required by IMO and OPA90. Whether you use them as spill control or maintenance protection our absorbents will take in up to 25 times their own weight.

Unitor oil spill kits come in 3 sizes:

  • 12 barrel to handle 1900 litres of deck spill for tankers 400 ft or greater carrying bulk oil
  • 7 barrel to handle 1000 litres of deck spill for tankers under 400 ft
  • 1 barrel for inland oil barges


  • Yellow Unitor™ box
  • Sorbent pads (400mmx500mm)
  • 20 sorbent booms (300cm)
  • 2 gloves
  • 2 safety boots
  • 2 overalls
  • 20 waste bags
  • 1 big bag (1000Ltr)
  • 25Ltr Unitor Aquabreak PX
  • Jet spray unit for application


  • Complete kit
  • Personal protection
  • Waterproof box


  • This is a 7 barrel complete kit for a 1100 litre deck spill
  • As well as providing the tools for tackling the spill the kit also includes personal protection equipment
  • The box is waterproof so you can store it on deck, ready for an emergency