Propylene Glycol


Produktnummer: mpg
20 ltr |  200 ltr | 1000 ltr

Mono Propylene Glycol (MPG) er ikke giftig varmeoverførings væske. Vi har normalt 20 liters kanner tilgjengelig på lager. 2-3 dager leveringstid for FAT og IBC.

Mono Propylene glycol is a synthetic liquid substance that absorbs water. Propylene glycol is also used to make polyester compounds, and as a base for deicing solutions.

Product description

Monopropylene Glycol Uses
There are many uses for mono propylene glycol across many different industries and some chemical manufacturers produce two grades of MPG to meet these varied needs.

Consumer uses
The first grade is used in the food industry for food colourings and flavourings and is also a classified humectant food additive (E1520). There are also many applications in the cosmetics industry that use this solvent, specifically personal care products including shampoos, bubble baths, baby wipes and as a moisturiser in make-up.

Industry uses
The second is industrial grade MPG which has a variety of uses but the main application is as an antifreeze and aircraft wing and runway de-icer which is because its freezing point lowers upon mixing with water. It is also used in heat transfer liquids such as engine coolants.

Monopropylene Glycol is additionally used in the pharmaceutical industry, examples include as a chemical intermediate in the production of high-performance unsaturated polyester resins used in paints and varnishes and as an excellent solvent utilised in printing inks. It is also used in the manufacturing of non-ionic detergents which are used in the petroleum, sugar-refining, and papermaking industries, the cryonics industry and as an additive in pipe tobacco, preventing dehydration