Rocor NB Liquid 25 LTR


25 LTR

NALFLEET™ Rocor NB Liquid is a highly effective engine cooling water system treatment. Properietary blend of active corrosion inhibitors offer optimum corrosion protection for the common ferrous and non-ferrous metals found in engine cooling water systems.

NALFLEET™ Rocor NB Liquid is a highly effective corrosion inhibitor for the common ferrous and non-ferrous metals found in engine cooling water systems.

The product can be used for corrosion inhibition in many types of closed recirculation systems such as:

  • Diesel engine cooling water systems
  • Compressor cooling water systems
  • Centralised cooling systems
  • Hot water heating systems
  • Auxiliary machinery cooling systems


  • Liquid product, easy to use
  • By forming an oxide film on the metal surfaces electrolytic corrosion is prevented
  • Effective against cavitation and erosion
  • Compatible with hoses, gaskets and seals
  • Compatible with glycols for frost protection


  • Approved by major diesel engine manufacturers
  • Simple control test



  • Approved by all major engine manufacturers



Sampling and testing

The Spectrapak Test Kit provides the necessary equipment to carry out the control tests. Obtain a representative sample of the cooling water. Carry out the tests immediately after sampling (following the instructions given in the Test Kit) and log the results in Waterproof. The results should be sent to WSS as stated in the Waterproof instructions. Use the dosage chart overleaf to adjust treatment to obtain the optimum level. It is important that testing is carried out at least once per week, to ensure levels of treatment are correct.

Dosage and Control

Part A: Control Guideline and dosage

Nitrite Control limits for Rocor NB: 1,000-2,400 ppm nitrite (as NO2), recommended routine maintenance nitrite residual = 1,440 ppm ( as NO2) The nitrite (as NO2) control guideline and dosage for Rocor NB as below:

  1. Minimum = 1,000 ppm and required dosage of Rocor NB = 9L/m3
  2. Maximum = 2,400 ppm and required dosage of Rocor NB = 21L/m3

Recommended (routine maintenance) =1,440 ppm, and required dosage of Rocor NB = 13L/m3 Note: · To increase nitrite residual by 100 ppm, required dosage of Rocor NB = 1L/m3 of distilled or technical water · Above mentioned product dosage is estimation only system required dosage may varies due to water quality, system demand, and other variations.

Part B: Working example of dosage estimation:

· New cooling system ( e.g. Nitrite residual = 0) : Recommended dosage is 13 L/m3 · Existing operating cooling water system ( e.g. some nitrite residual presence but below recommended guideline): Assuming system measured nitrite residual at 1,000 ppm and to increase nitrite residual to 1,440 ppm, required nitrite = 440 ppm = 4.4L of Rocor NB is needed.

Part C: General Application Notes

  1. Buffering agents blended in NALFLEET™ Rocor NB Liquid helps to maintain pH values within suitable limits when the product is dosed as recommended. Normal pH should be maintained between 8.3 and 10 by the treatment.
  2. The engine manufacturer’s recommendations for water quality should always be complied with.
  3. Chloride levels should always be as low as possible. Most engine manufacturers recommend a maximum of 50 ppm chlorides.
  4. For this reason, Wilhelmsen Ships Service recommends the use of distilled water as make-up.