Produktnummer: 909001
25 liters

Product information

This is the specification for Potable Water Grade Sodium Hypochlorite that can be used to chlorinate and control bacterial growth in potable water, swimming pools and spas, for grey and black water sterilisation.

Any product supplied under this specification must meet the properties described and meet with local drinking water approvals, such as NSF, UK DWI, US EPA.

The chemical must be properly labeled in compliance with the present national and international laws and regulations concerning transport, health, safety and environment. A Safety Data Sheet must be provided by the manufacturer.


  • Liquid formulation
  • Easy test method (free chlorine)
  • Controls bacteria growth in drinking water, grey water, black water and pools and spas.


  • Reduces risk of illness and infections




Directions for use

Sodium Hypochlorite solution typically contains 10 – 15% available chlorine.
Sodium Hypochlorite may be applied directly to the water system at any point where there is sufficient time and turbulence to facilitate dissolution. The product should be applied and controlled to achieve the target free chlorine residual which is system dependent. Each system has a chlorine demand which has to be satisfied before free chlorine residual is obtained. The chlorine demand is dependent upon system design and water cleanliness.

Dosage of Sodium Hypochlorite :

  • Potable water typically requires 15mls per m³
  • Pools and Spas typically require 30 to 50mls/m3
  • Grey water typically requires 40 to 100mls/m³

These are nominal dose rates and should be adjusted depending on measured free chlorine results. Test kits can be selected from the Potable Water Test Kit range.