Spectrapak 309


Produktnummer: 739466

Spectrapak™ 309 – Cooling Water Test Kit. Controlling key parameters in engine cooling waters is important for optimum corrosion protection. Test included: Nitrite, Chloride & pH

Compact test kit package designs to encourage daily tests to maintain cooling water within the prescribed limits.

Test parameters: Nitrite, Chloride and pH

Recommended limits: a. Nitrite – 700 to 2400ppm as NO2 b. pH – 8.3 to 10 c. Chlorides – max 50ppm

Supplied with Instruction sheet, 1 x Stirring Rod, 1 x 5ml Syringe, pH Test Papers 6.6-10 pk. 100, 1 x 100ml shaker tube, Chloride Test Tablets btl. 250, Nitrite No.1 Test Tablets btl. 100 , Nitrite No.2 Test Tablets btl. 250 ( 2 bottles).


  • Sturdy plastic case
  • Simple to use test kit
  • Test methods included


  • Helps to maintain optimum corrosion protection
  • Protects valuable equipment assets

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