unitor bacteria singel test kit


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More and more problems are seen with distillate fuels being infected by microorganisms such as bacteria, fungus and algae. The reduction of sulphur is a main reason for the increase in contamination. Sulphur acts as a natural protection against microbial growth in fuel and the more environmentally friendly fuels with low sulphur levels have the unfortunate drawback of making the fuel more hospitable for microbial growth.

A more recent contributing factor is the addition of FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters) to the distillate fuels. The FAME is a biofuel component and greatly enhances the environmental profile of the fuel but again has the drawback of increasing microbial growth in a fuel.

Furthermore, proper fuel hygiene is becoming more and more important. Managing the water content of the fuel and make sure the water is frequently drained is important. The microorganisms need the water to be able to live and thrive. Regular testing for the presence of microorganisms is also an important part to keep contaminations at bay.

If you need to check your distillate fuel for microbial contamination then Unitor™ Bacteria Test is ideal. Unitor™ Bacteria Test detects the microorganisms which grow in marine oil. It is a rapid, accurate on site test for fuel contamination which requires no special facilities, equipment or skills All that is required to conduct a test is a 15 mL sample of water from the tank to be tested or a 200 mL sample of fuel and water if less than 15 mL of water is available.

Package contain:

  • Test paddle
  • Sample extraction bottle
  • Pipette and desiccant
  • Instuction leaflet


  • Only rapid onsite test with zero capital investment
  • Only rapid test kit with zero set up time
  • Fast, accurate and easy to read results
  • Distinguishes between type of organism
  • No false positives or negatives


  • Helps you minimize the cost of managing your fuel
  • Enables you to identify a contaminated fuel
  • No risk of false positives