Produktnummer: 320320

UWI-320TP, is a compact yet powerful 320Amps welding machine for all types of shipboard welding. It can weld all normal coated electrodes up to 5.0mm. Two machines can be connected parallel together to achieve 640A for welding or gouging applications.

Product information

This product supersedes product no: 670430

EU Ecodesign Compliant Welding Machine

The welding machine is supplied «without» any accessories. To order, include Part No. 670406 ACCESSORIES KIT F/UWI-230,-320,-500.


  • Stick electrode (MMA) with automatic hot start and Lift-Arc TIG welding function. Remote control option
  • Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) function reduces open circuit voltage to only 9VDC which reduces risks of electric shock and electrocution to the lowest level
  • Built-in Total Protection (TP), Line-voltage compensation and Thermal overload protection
  • Made of high-grade aluminium casing that reduces weight and corrosion risks


  • Safe and compliant welding machine for maritime use
  • Superior reliability in tough maritime environment
  • Easy arc start and anti-sticking
  • Full capacity for welding all coated electrodes including 6.0mm high recovery electrode which provides high welding productivity
  • Active fan control reduces the amount of dust and dirt deposit inside the machine during cooling thereby eliminating the risk of short circuiting.
  • Remote control option enables the welder full control of arc and heat input during welding especially down-slope and arc stop during finishing
  • Parallel connection of two machines provides 640A output for welding coated electrodes that require more than 320A, and full Air Carbon Arc gouging capability
  • Spare part kit available for easy repair and to minimise downtime