Discharge Hose and Plug
Part number: 47/90289
NATO stock number: 99-1299739


  • Hose and Plug is Rugged and corrosion resistant for marine use and commercial application
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Used with standard 2kg CO2 extinguisher

General description

Designed for use with the CO2 Inlet socket and hand applicator, the discharge hose and plug is attached to a standard 2kg CO2 extinguisher to form a versatile piece of firefighting equipment.

A cabinet fire can be safely and efficiently extinguished by inserting the plug into the CO2 inlet socket. Fitting the hand applicator converts the unit to a conventional horn and hose extinguisher.

Discharge hose & plug


This product is produced in small batches and or to order so that we can provide the best shelf life for the hoses. Allow 4 – 8 weeks for delivery.
The product should be ordered in good time before any projects are to be delivered.


Co2 Inlet Socket
Part number: 47/90396
NATO stock number: 99-5293637
NSN: 4210-99-529-3637

Almn Burst Disc for CO2 Inlet
Part number_ 47/50569
Nato Stock number: 99-1299742

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