Hand applicator
Product number: 47/90266
Nato stock number: 99-1299736


  • Rugged and corrosion resistant for marine use and commercial applications.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Used with standard 2kg CO2 extinguisher.

General Description

The Hand Applicator is used to fight open fires when an extinguisher is equipped with the discharge hose and plug assembly (as used with the CO2 inlet socket).

The plug is simply inserted and twisted into the applicator to become a conventional hose and horn extinguisher for manual fire fighting.

hand applicator


2 – 4 weeks leadtime.


Discharge Hose and Plug | Hose Handle Injector
Part number: 47/90289
NATO stock number: 99-1299739

Hand Applicator – Applicator Hand Assembly
Part number: 47/90266
NATO stock number: 99-1279736

Almn Burst Disc for CO2 Inlet
Part number_ 47/50569
Nato Stock number: 99-1299742

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