Aquatuff 25 LTR

Unitor™ Aquatuff™ is a heavy-duty water based alkaline cleaner. It has numerous cleaning applications including removal of greases, waxes, vegetable and animal oils, sludge, soot, carbon deposits, dirt and grime.

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Unitor™ Aquatuff™ is a highly concentrated alkaline cleaner that is free from hydrocarbon solvents and biodegradable.


  • Highly concentrated
  • Does not contain nonylphenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds
  • Biodegradable
  • Free from hydrocarbon solvents
  • Aquatuff is most suitable for removal of wax deposits
  • It has numerous cleaning applications including removal of grease, vegetable & animal oil, soot & general dirt & grime


  • Removal of soot deposits from inert gas systems
  • Very effective and economical in use
  • Completely safe on epoxy coatings



  • Nordic Swan eco-labelled.
  • This composition meets the criteria for not being harmful to the marine environment according to MARPOL Annex V and may be discharged into the sea when used to clean cargo holds and external surfaces on ships.
  • Approved by Marinfloc AB for use in engine rooms

Directions for use

General Cleaning – Deck and Engine Room
Unitor™ Aquatuff™ can be used for different types of cleaning, and it can be applied by brush, hand spray, high- and low pressure washing machines etc. It can be applied on vertical surfaces by adding Unitor™ Foam-Agent™ (Product no. 614537) for increased resident time. Dependent on degree of contamination typical dosage is about 1-5%.

Removal of soot from Inert Gas Systems (IGS)

  1. Apply Unitor™ Aquatuff™ with a Unitor™ High Pressure Cleaning Machine and use 1:4 with water. However, if used with a hand sprayer, apply the product neat on the surfaces, allowing 1 litre per 12m2.
  2. Leave for about 30-45 minutes. The surface remains wet.
  3. Wash down with hot water (80°C) and check the results.
  4. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Cargo hold cleaning
Unitor™ Aquatuff™ can be used for cargo hold cleaning after soot, coal, pet coke and other bulk materials.

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Dosing method

  1. For best foaming abilities use Unitor™ Foam Agent in conjunction with Aquatuff
  2. Apply Unitor™ Aquatuff™ mixed 20% in water, using the Unitor™ Cargo hold Cleaning kits and its foam nozzle.
  3. Leave for 10–15 minutes. The surface remains wet.
  4. Wash down with Tornado 3 water jet. For best results, direct the water jet at the lowest parts of the hold first and work upwards.
  5. Repeat the procedure if necessary.


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